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Most all furniture systems require accessories beyond the basics. Accessories include but are not limited to rack mounts, AC power systems, lighting, cabling, foot rests and desk organizers.

Rack Mounts

Desk top rack mounts are used for mounting 5.25" x 19" panels and are available in one, two or three panel heights. Sloped panel mounts include one and two panel heights and vertical panels heights of one, two and three panels are available. Vertical housings can be expanded vertically as required. 5.25" panels are also available recessed in the writing surface or mounted in a raised surface.

AC Power

AC power must be distributed throughout the furniture system to computers, monitors, lighting, motors and other devices. Most installations will require at least two independent circuits to both the computer storage cabinet and the lift surface. Power can be distributed by individual power strips for each circuit or by modular systems with up to four circuits. Power strips are available with