Dual Lift


The Dual Lift workstation provides two separate and independent height adjustable surfaces. One surface supports the monitors and the other surface supports keyboards and other input devices. The monitor surface is sized for the quantity and size of the displays and the input surface is sized for the quantity of input devices. The Dual Lift position can be designed as a corner or straight position. Monitor surfaces can be designed with lift capacities of 540 pounds to over 1000 pounds and input surfaces can be designed with lift capacities of 360 pounds to over 500 pounds.


The Dual Lift workstation monitor surface is designed to support multiple displays within a constant focal length. Both surfaces are curved to provide a semi-U shape so controls and displays can be placed within easy reach of the operator. Both platforms are electrically adjustable for sitting or standing operation using momentary contact switches with memory and height aboce the floor display in inches. The lift speed will range from 1.5" per second to .4" per second depending on the number of lifts and the weight of the surface. Keyboard surfaces meet the B.I.F.M.A. range or have a smaller height range. Both surfaces are equipped with anti-collision safety in both directions.


Writing surfaces are built from 45-lb. density 1-1/8" thick core material, pressure bonded with a high-pressure laminate top and sealing backing. The front edge of the writing surface is covered with a field replaceable, high impact vinyl bumper molding that is 1/4" thick in the center. The laminate meets ANSI/ASME requirements for Class B laminates. Core material meets HUD formaldehyde emission standard 24 cfr Part 3280.308. A wide choice of non-glare matte finishes and colors are available from major manufacturers of high-pressure laminate.

Computer Storage

Computer cabinets are available as floor mount below the lift surface, attached to the lift surface, floor mount below fixed side surface or as free standing cabinets. CPU storage capacity ranges from two to ten devices.

All furniture sustems are designed to meet ADA requirements and to follow the recommendations of BSR/HFES100 and B.I.F.M.A. Electrical products are UL and CSA approved.