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flat panel monitor mounts

Flat Panel Monitor Mounts

The quantity and size of Flat Panel Displays will determine the basic size and shape of the monitor surface. Quantities range from one to twelve and sizes from 15″ to 24″ for working displays and up to 50″ for overhead displays.

Proper design requires following basic ergonomics in monitor placement.

Following ANSI/HFS 100, BSR/HFES100 AND B.I.F.M.A. recommendations, monitor mountings locate the viewing area between eye level and 60 degrees below eye level.

The ARC provides a constant focal depth to each monitor at an optimal distance for the size of the displays.

ARC mounts support 1-3 displays or 1-4 displays with extensions for up to six displays in a single plane.

VESA mounts provide adjustability of monitors in three directions.

The mounting ARC has three mounting designs:

Fixed pole mount supports the ARC directly on two poles supported by flange mounts. ARCs can be stacked on posts to provide additional capacity.

The Extended fixed pole mount extends the distance between support poles and the face of the ARC. The distance can be varied with different size extension arms.

FOCAL LINK allows the arc to be moved horizontally to optimize the viewing distance.

Overhead mounts support very large displays on poles mounted on the lift surface. Mounting hardware provides a forward tilt and can be adjusted vertically. Cable access is available through the pole mounts.