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personal environment systems

Personal Environment Systems

Personal Environment systems consist of one, two or three desktop fan units and a forced air heater unit with thermostat control.


desktop fan

Desktop Fan Units

The desktop fans are independent units consisting of fan, filter, and diffuser. The units are 3.5″ high and 5″ deep and can be placed anywhere on the surface. There are no limits to the quantity of fans and they can be mounted below the surface if desired. The diffuser can be rotated and tilted to direct the direction of the air.

space heater

Forced Air Heater

Forced air heaters are floor mounted in front of the operator with the warm air directed along the floor. The 120-volt units can be wired for 450 or 900 watts with heat outputs of 1535 and 3071 BTU.

A line voltage thermostat is included and can be mounted at a convenient location on the workstation.