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dispatch console workstation desks

Desks & Workstations

Not every fire, police, or 911 call center is identical. They vary in size, mission, and available budgets. Our varied lines and ergonomic workstations can work in almost any dispatch center.


Modular Steel

The modular steel product line includes base and turret assemblies that can be bolted together to form a workstation of any size. Separate wedge units provide 45-degree corners and vertical extensions can be stacked to accommodate an almost unlimited vertical panel space. Monitors are mounted at writing surface level or on top of low profile turrets. Computers can be located within the base modules.

nonlift workstation


Nonlift workstations are fixed vertically and supported by end panels, cabinets or other forms of supports other than cantilever arms. They may be equipped with a separate keyboard that can be adjusted vertically and tilted. Computer cabinets can be located below the writing surfaces.

single surface desk

Single Surface

The single surface workstation is configured with a single lift surface large enough for all of the monitors and other surface mounted equipment. It can be equipped with a separate attached keyboard with vertical and tilt adjustments. Computer storage next to the lift surface in the floor mount or vertical cabinets.

dual surface workstation

Dual Surface

Dual surface workstations are equipped with two independently adjustable surfaces. The surfaces have separate lift devices and controls for maximum adjustability. Input surfaces can be designed to support multiple input devices including touch screen terminals.