Public Safety and Dispatch Furniture

Before design can start, there is a minimum amount of information to be gathered

the Survey Form provides a helpful check off list

The 24" grid will help to layout the available floor area. Windows, doors and any obstacles should be noted. The workstations on the survey are scaled to the grid and can be cut out and used to layout the positions.

Choosing the type of workstation may be a personal choice however all of them are designed to meet ADA, ANSI and BIFMA requirements.

The size and quantity of monitors will usually dictate the size of the workstation depending on monitor configuration of single plane or over-under mounting. The next consideration is the input devices - keyboards, mice, trackball etc. Note: if touch screens are to be included, they should be considered input devices and mounted accordingly.

Corner positions can have right angle or truncated corners

Space savers have both truncated corners and sides

Connecting surfaces between positions can be any length in increments of 6" (or if necessary 3") These surfaces can have a standard depth of 24", 30", 36" or 40".

After the Survey is complete a Floor Plan can be generated